Senin, 05 November 2012


Not A Prize To Be Won - All That Glitters
Book Smart Beauty - All That Glitters
Glitteriest Of Them All - All That Glitters
Home By Midnight - All That Glitters
Fins For Feet - All That Glitters
Arose From A Sleep - All That Glitters
Armed Forces Vet - Alter Ego
Beachcomber - Alter Ego
Penny Pincher - Alter Ego
Pre Party - Aphrodite Lacquers
Enchant - Aphrodite Lacquers
Blackhole - Aphrodite Lacquers
Kat Nip - CrowsToes
The Hunger Games - Daring Digits
Vampire's Dessert - Enchanted Polish
Candy Corn - Girly Bits
Fright Night - Girly Bits
Polished Criminails - Lacquistry
Love Me More - LEX
Schrodinger's Catastrophe - Lilacquer
Salt n Peppa - Lush Lacquer
19 - Mei Mei Signatures
Color Changing Garment - Ninja Polish
Alexandrite - Ninja Polish
Zultanite - Ninja Polish
The Brain - Nostalgic Lacquer
Like Lovin' The Dead - Nostalgic Lacquer
The Basketcase - Nostalgic Lacquer
Jem - Nostalgic Lacquer
The Captain - Red Dog Designs
Aquata (mini) - Sea Lore
Andrina (mini) - Sea Lore
3 Jennifer - Shimmer Polish
Milky Way - Sparkles By Julie
Spacing Out - Tough As Nails
Teal Me About It - Tough As Nails
It's All Over Now - Tough As Nails

END: December 20, 2012

Polished Criminails: POLISHED CRIMINAILS 2,000 FOLLOWERS & 1 YEAR BLOGI...: Hi ladies! As you may have seen, Polished Criminails recently hit 2,000 followers, which is a HUGE achievement in my opinion, as well as ...

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